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Our Tours

Lompoul (Day or Overnight Trip)

Experience camel riding in the desert! The camels are friendly, and the views are magnificent. The experience is topped off with an overnight stay in a tent. Morning pick-up from your lodging. Price includes roundtrip transportation and guide. Price: Day Trip: 1-2 persons: 110,000 CFA ($215.00 US or 168 Euro). Overnight: 160,000 CFA ($313 US or 244 Euro). For 3 or more, contact for pricing.  At Lompoul various sizes of tents may be purchased to suit your needs for overnight accommodation.

Saly  (Day Trip or Overnight)

Enjoy a trip to Saly's beautiful beaches, hotels and nightclubs. Morning pick-up from your lodging. Price includes transportation and guide. Does not include hotel rates for overnight stay. Day Trip: Return 5-6 p.m.  Price 1-2 persons: 65,000 CFA ($130.00 US or 100 Euro). Overnight trip: 100,000 CFA ($200.00 US or 150 Euro). For 3 or more, contact for pricing.

Toubab Dialao

Toubab Dialao, a haven for Senegalese artists, is located on the beach near the town of Yene. Spend the day at the beach learning about Senegalese arts such as drumming, batik and dance. Pick-up from your lodging. Morning pick-up from your lodging. Return 4-5 p.m. Price 1-2 persons: 65,000 CFA ($130.00 US or 100 Euro). For 3 or more, contact for pricing.

Casamance Region (Two-Night Trip)

Casamance is the area of Senegal south of The Gambia. It is a region of large rivers and sacred forets of kapok and palm trees. Casamance is Senegal's breadbasket and home of the Diolas, one of the tribes that has most preserved the purity of its animist African customs. The Diolas are also considered Africa's best architects, proof of which can be seen in the way they build their houses. You can visit a Diola village on fascinating Carabane Island. Casamance is also home to Cape Skirring with its superb beaches and ideal year-round climate. Morning pick-up from your lodging. Prices available upon request.


This small village on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean is known for its natural reserve, pristine sandy beach, and religious significance. It is also the weekend getaway for the president of Senegal, Popenguine is also known for the sighting of the Black Madonna in the reserve. Due to this, an annual pilgrimage to Popenguine takes place in May/June, drawing Christians from Senegal and nearby countries. Travelers are welcome to observe the pilgrimage. Price includes roundtrip travel and guide. Morning pick-up from your lodging. Return 4-5 p.m. Price 1-3 persons: 65,000 CFA ($130.00 US or 100 Euro). For 4 or more, contact for pricing.


Keur Moussa and Kayar Fishing Village
Keur Moussa Monastery echoes with the sounds of Gregorian chants sung by Benedictine monks accompanied on the traditional kora. The service is sung at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. This excursion includes a visit to the Kayar fishing village. Price 1-2 persons: 50,000 CFA ($80.00 US or 76 Euro) Includes car, driver, guide, and pick-up from and return to your hotel.

Niokolo-Koba National Park (Multi-Day Trip)​

In southeastern Senegal, the park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its wildlife. The park contains an estimated 20 species of amphibian, 60 species of fish, and 38 species of reptile. There are some 80 mammal species, including buffalo, hippopotamus, giant eland, elephants, lions, chimpanzees, waterbuck, common duiker, red colobus, and a few rare leopards and African wild dogs. Around 330 species of birds have been sighted in the park. The trip includes visits to the villages of the local Bassari, Bettyi and Fulani peoples, an excursion to the nearby beautiful Dindefelo Falls, and a visit to the huge, vibrant local market at Kaolcak en route to the park. Prices available upon request.

Cooking Class
Join us in learning how to cook the national food of Senegal! After picking you up from your residence in Dakar, the fun begins with a visit to the local market to buy all the necessary ingredients. We then drive the cooking place, where the magic in the kitchen takes place. Duration of activity: 3-4 hours. Price 1 person: 96,450 CFA ($150.00 US or 147 Euro). 2 persons: 160, 750 CFA ($250 US or 245 Euro). For 3 or more, contact for pricing.

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